Buy a second-hand book or a new one?

So many riches of daily life that allow everyone to
open up to new fictions, new ideas, new visions of the world. Reading is an
activity that can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s living room, shared, or
used to explore and discover new fields of knowledge. So many books have been
written, which have so much to offer us, that it would be a shame not to enjoy
them as much as possible.

For some readers, a book is sacred! It is inconceivable
for them to damage their books. They always buy them new and are very careful
when they handle them. And if, by misfortune, one of their books is damaged, a
nervous breakdown is never far away. For others, a book is a living object,
meant to be read, reread and used. These readers are more inclined to buy their
used books and lend them out without fear.
The first reason to buy a second-hand book rather than
a new one, unless it is nowhere to be found, will often be economic. It is
obviously very advantageous to buy a used book when it is less than half the
price of a new one, and it is one of the objectives of the Quai des livres to
give everyone access to reading, regardless of their budget.

It is true that there are fewer scruples about damaging
a book that has already lived and been bought cheaper. You can carry a used
book to the beach, on the bus, or put it in your bag without breaking into a
cold sweat.